Monday, May 24, 2010

Back "Home" to Merchavia

Greetings all!

We are back in Merchavya after a whirlwind two days through Nazareth, Jerusalem, En Gedi, Mineral Beach on the Dead Sea, touring through the Mountains of Israel, otherwise known as "West Bank" to the world.

Praise Yeshua! We are looking toward the north for our departure in the morning. Our last full day in the Land. Change has been the order of the moment on every hand. Sometimes there is joy in last minute changes and sometimes just chaos, but all in all, we are blessed.

It has been getting a little easier to figure out what to pack in the backpack and what to keep in the suitcase now that our time here is almost up. Must admit we are looking forward to, not in any special order, our own beds, pillows, bathroom.

En Gedi was as wonderful as I recalled, though a little changed; boardwalk for wheelchair access to the "first" spring, which is really a man made one closer down to the boardwalk. That falls area is

oh oh! low batery note and Rachel has my plug adaptor.

More later,


  1. Hard to believe you're almost ready to head home, looking forward to hearing/reading more ;)

  2. Yes, hard to believe.Thanks Marsha for being a faithful follwerer! Wondering if hardly anyone knows how to use blogs, like me!

    We had two teaching sessions cancelled in the last two days; make up time was scheduled for this afternoon, then this evening, and now postponed until tomorrow, our last day. This was to have been our day for testing, but Hollisa has not even yet begun to teach the material on the wicked lamp. Tony has been teaching more often, but gave up his time while we were at En Gedi in favor of letting people have more time to enjoy it there.

    I will write more in the general note. Not sure if this is public or private???