Saturday, May 22, 2010


We're about to go to bed after Shabbat in the Holy Land. We got to sleep in today, then went to a service where Ariel Klimmer (with Talia translating) taught about the Aaronic Blessing and how we are created to fulfill God's vision. It was really wonderful. He drew a connection between Binah (Understanding) and Ben-Yah (Son of God) and building.

Then we had oneg (food!!) and then scattered for naps, walks, etc. We gathered for dinner again and then had a wonderful concert tonight, by a group called Open Gates (I think?). It was a husband, wife, and his sister, on violin (trumpet, recorder, trombone, bass recorder, and this little tiny piccolo-like recorder), viola, and piano. World class entertainment at Merhavya, not even joking. Video will follow when I get the chance.

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