Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Word for the night

Shalom everyone!

I am echoing Rachel--it has been a long few days; sometimes without internet access and sometimes we are just too tired to write! Check out Tony's blog for the trip. He looks exhausted because he HAS been staying up until 2 am most nights to post! If you don't have the email with the URL, you can just go to his site: and there will be a link to the blog from there.

Yes, we saw world class entertainment tonight. You'll have to see the video to believe it. Lori. you would have loved the piano parts! It was worship music at times, but our Hebrew is still lacking enough so that it was hard to pick out.
They don't have any CDs or DVDs as yet but I can't imagine it will be long.

Ariel Klimmer's teaching was very good and Talia is an excellent translator, using his facial expressions and hand gestures right along with him; poetry to watch. Wish we had video of that, too! The connections between having YHWH's Name put on Israel and on us, having to do with His working with us in order to build the new/transformed man within us; as we also learn to spot and conquer the "donkey" within us sounds a lot like Life Model.

We gave them the blankets and banner tonight to tears and hugs. There are 28 new families just here in the past few weeks from Russia so the blankets will get owners quickly. With one change after another, we weren't able to go with Talia to deliver the lap robes but we are certain they will be blessed.

Jerusalem was amazing! We enjoyed the Huldah Gates and the Stairs of Ascent with blessing and song; thank you Marty Goetz! Walked across the old city from the Jaffa Gate through the Armenian quarter to the Wall 3 times in 2 days. We could picture Lucas jumping from level to level as we walked up and down ramps and steps with all the various levels of the streets. Oh my! The bar mitzvah procession that came through the square by the Hurva Synagogue was something to see too. I think Rachel got some video of this, too.

we are getting a LITTLE tired of pita bread and veggies with shishkabob but have really enjoyed the restaurant Aroma; a chain popular in Israel right now. Great sandwiches! Apple juice- mixed with carrots- that tastes like it is right off the tree.

Janell and I spent a little time in worship dance this morning before we got to gether with everyone for what we thought was going to be a more liturgical service. Instead it was some kind of blend of traditional Christian songs and original worship songs mixed in with prayers and readings, ending with Talia pulling the 3 of us into a dance to Shabbat Shalom. It was mostly quiet and worshipful and a joy. John, a man with long graying black hair who has been a kind helper with luggage, and server in the kitchen also showed himself to be a worshipper as he played guitar and sang. Another young lady in the kitchen, Leah, played piano for us, too. Many faceted people here now, as it seems it always has been at Merchavia and for that matter throughout all Israel as people have come to restore Israel.

Oh, Boaz has recommended a movie entitled O Jersualem if I remember correctly. So you may want to check for it, too.

Janell presented a banner in worship to the puzzlement of some people though they have said it is beautiful. Several have asked what it is about. We have explained as best we can, but I am sure this is quite a different thing than would happen on tour with Ralph and Mindy Seta! Anyone setting their eyes on their November tour of worship dance throughout Israel including time in the Negev with Melanie and Ronen Shalom?

We are checking how much it would cost to spend some time here as a volunteer. It is clearly Messianic and we are comfortable in many ways.

We have begun to pack for early morning departure to the west bank ending the day in Jerusalem for the night and then on to En Gedi and the Dead Sea. We do appreciate your prayer cover for us all as we visit Bethel and several sites in the area in the Mountains of Israel.

Probably won't be able to get online in Jerusalem so we will write again on Wednesday, our last day.

Thought of you all at Bayshore Park and hope it was a blessing!
Chag Sameach!

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